Breaches in the Wind


Yesterday was the last official day of Autumn and the season sure blew out with some gusts! The windy weather didn’t seem to affect the Humpbacks though, as both morning trips reported seeing some whales. Guests on the 8:00 am Breakfast with the Whales out of Abay saw only a couple of whales, but they did see a full breach. Guests on the 10:00 Whale Watch out of Kawaihae saw 4 different whales multiple times and a couple of breaches (or the splashes from breaches) on the horizon. It’s not unusual for us to see a lot of surface activity (like those breaches both boats reported) on windy days…why? Well, we’re not sure if the wind excites the whales or just makes it more difficult for them to communicate in other ways.

Ocean Sports offers 3 different opportunities for Whale Watching daily departing from 2 different locations within the Hawaiian Islands National Humpback Marine Sanctuary Waters. For reservations or information, please call us at (808)886-6666 ext 103, or visit

Humpback Whale Fact of the Day: The first whales to arrive in Hawaii each year from Alaska are sub-adults (usually males) — the teenagers of the Whale World. The next arrivals are adults who are looking for mates, and the last to arrive are pregnant females.



Captain Claire

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