Close Encounter of the Humpback Kind!


Regardless of the windy weather by the end of the day, guests aboard Tuesday’s Whale Watches enjoyed some wonderful Humpback surface activity. On the 10:00 whale watch, we saw 5 whales…but 7 breaches! There also was some head lunging and pec slapping going on, and since it was calm enough in the morning, we were able to deploy our underwater hydrophone, but we weren’t able to hear any singing. The highlight of the trip though, had to be the CLOSE ENCOUNTER. We love it when the whales accept our presence comfortably enough to swim right next to our boat!

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Humpback Whale Fact of the Day: There are Humpback Whale populations in all the oceans of the world. The whales we see here each winter are part of the North Pacific population. “Our” whales feed in the waters of the Gulf of Alaska during the summer months. They swim the 3500 miles to Hawaii each year to calve in warm waters (and to mate).


Captain Claire

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