We can hear the Humpbacks’ Songs


The first official day of winter on the islands was certainly a windy one! Guests on our 8:00 Breakfast with the Whales Cruise that left out of Abay did get to see two whales as they travelled down the coast. On the 10:00 Whale Watch which left from Kawaihae, guests saw a couple of whales spouting in the distance and a breach that was also pretty far away. When Captain Will deployed our underwater hydrophone on this trip, guests reported hearing the whales singing, but it was pretty faint. Since our hydrophone can pick up sounds from at least 10 miles away, we know that there are some adult male whales that have already arrived to our area!

Ocean Sports offers 3 cruises every day to see the whales, departing from 2 different locations within the Hawaii Islands National Humpback Marine Sanctuary. For more information and reservations, call our friendly crew at 886-6666 ext. 103 or visit us at www.hawaiioceansports.com.

Humpback Whale Fact of the Day: All whales, regardless of species, age, or gender make noises. Only Humpback Whales sing an organized song…and only male Humpbacks sing…and they only “sing” when they are in the warmer waters where they mate. So, is their song a mating song? Researchers have observed that female whales will not approach a singing male, so if this is a mating song, it seems to be a pretty ineffective one. I’ll share more theories about the purpose of the Humpback Song in future emails.


Captain Claire

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