Fighting Humpbacks and Curious Calves

Whale Watchers joining us on our trips on Monday were treated to lots of interesting interactions between Cows and their Calves. On the 8:00 Breakfast with the Whales, we saw 12 different whales, but spent most of our time watching a very small calf who seemed very interested in us. Mom was not accompanied by an escort, and baby did all he could to check out our boat, while Mom did all she could to keep him away from us. Meanwhile, we couldn’t move the boat because after stopping about 250 yards from the duo, the baby decided to move closer and closer to us…until Mom finally decided she had enough and literally balanced her baby sideways on her rostrum (her head) and pushed him away from us! We also saw 8 breaches, and 2 pec slaps on that trip. We didn’t get to operate our regular schedule, but on our Afternoon Snorkel Sail we got to watch a competitive pod of 6 whales including a Cow/Calf pair. This time, Mom spent her time keeping baby on the opposite side of her from the amorous males. Later in that trip we watched a pod of two whales fighting! These whales also approached us and everyone on board watched as one of these big adults shoved the other with his head, and then the second whale made a quick turn, riling up the water and shoved right back before hitting the first whale with his flukes! We’re really not violent people, but whale fights are sure exciting to watch!
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Humpback Whale Fact of the Day: We’ve never witnessed a Humpback taking care of two calves. We know she could conceive twins (and whalers occasionally would find twin fetuses) but we doubt she could carry twins to term, and even if she could, we really doubt she could produce the 200 gallons of milk she’d need each day to feed two calves.
Captain Claire

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