Lots of Spinners

We only ran one Whale Watch on Tuesday — the 10:00 Whale Watch on Alala out of Kawaihae harbor. We didn’t see any Humpbacks, but we did see whales….we found a HUGE pod of Spinner Dolphins. According to our onboard naturalist, Jonathan, this pod probably numbered more than 200 animals. Spinner Dolphins are Odontocetes (toothed whales)…they feed out in the open ocean at night on “the deep scattering layer” — which is a vertical migration of squid and weird-looking fish like lantern fish. The Spinners spend most of their daylight hours in shallower waters, resting and playing. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, since we guarantee that you’ll see Humpbacks on our Whale Watches; not just “whales”, the guests who joined us this morning are invited to ride again with us for FREE.
There’s only a few days left for our 2011/2012 Humpback Whale Season. Call us at 886-6666 ext. 103 or visit www.hawaiioceansports.com to reserve your guaranteed Whale Watch today.
Humpback Whale Fact of the Day:  Though the Humpbacks we see average between 40 and perhaps 50 feet long, there is anecdotal evidence that the largest Humpback killed by whalers was 88 feet long. This Humpback was taken in the Caribbean.
Captain Claire

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