Dolphin Watch Adventure gets off to a Great Start!

We ran our inaugural Dolphin Watch Adventure today on Alala from Kawaihae. Due to the high winds, we were only able to stay out for an hour though…but our guests had the opportunity to reschedule their trip. On a happier note, we did see Spinner Dolphins! Guests braving the winds got some good photos from the bow. So though we wish we could have stayed out for the entire 3 1/2 hours, we did get a glimpse of the future!
Ocean Sports operates the Dolphin Watch Adventure on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, departing from Kawaihae at 8:00 am, and returning at 11:30.
Dolphin Fact of the Day: Spinner Dolphins are in the order Cetacean (just like our Humpback friends), but they’re in a different sub-order. Spinner dolphins are “Odontocetes”, which means “toothed”.
I’ll be sending out Dolphin Watch Updates throughout the season as we operate the Dolphin Watch Adventure. And just like with our Whale Reports, all these reports will be archived in our blog at
Captain Claire

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