Dolphins at Red Hill

Yesterday’s Dolphin Watch Adventure departed from Kawaihae at 8:00 am and in less than 30 minutes, guests aboard the boat were delighted when a huge (probably close to a hundred) pod of dolphins approached our boat while we were cruising the coast near the area we call “Red Hill”. We know there are a lot of “Red Hills” around the islands, and this one is on the Kohala Coast justĀ  south west of Kohala Ranch. Interestingly, during the Humpback Whale season, we seem to encounter whales off this landmark so frequently that it makes us wonder what makes the landmark attractive to our cetacean friends. We know there’s no predictable current right there, and we’ve been scuba diving right along the shoreline there and haven’t seen any underwater topographical distinctions…but whatever it is, the whales, and yesterday, the dolphins frequent the area often.
Yesterday’s aerial action was pretty interesting with countless arcuate leaps, spins and even lots of back flips. The dolphins seemed to enjoy taking turns riding the bow wake, and we enjoyed listening to them spouting and whistling.
Join us on our next Dolphin Watch Adventure, departing at 8:00 am from Kawaihae tomorrow!
Dolphin Fact of the Day: The gestation period for Spinners is around 11 months, and the dolphin calf can nurse from its mother for as long as 2 years, though often after the first year the calf is weaned.
Captain Claire

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