Windy weather hides the Humpbacks

Well…Tuesday was a VERY windy day in Waikoloa, and though we did take Seasmoke out on our Breakfast with the Whales Cruise, we weren’t able to find any Humpbacks. That doesn’t mean they aren’t here…it just means that any tell-tale spouts from close-by whales dissipated so quickly that none of us saw them. Our guests did have a fun ride though, (and enjoyed learning about the whales from our onboard naturalists…and everyone liked the continental breakfast and our Ocean Sports Ohana Malie Kona coffee).Best of all, since our morning trips are guaranteed, everyone is invited back to ride on another Whale Watch Cruise for FREE! Call us at (808)886-6666 ext. 103 or visit for more information and reservations.
Captain Claire’s Humpback Whale Fact of the Day: There are Humpback Whale populations in all the oceans of the world. The whales we see here each winter are part of the North Pacific population. “Our” whales feed in the waters of the Gulf of Alaska during the summer months. They swim the 3500 miles to Hawaii each year to calve in warm waters (and to mate).

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