Humpback Season off to a Bang!

Our 2012/2013 Humpback Whale Watch Season started with a bang this year, with the first sighting on the Kohala Coast on October 20th! We hardly could believe what we were seeing…not just a couple of spouts, but some breaches from these early arriving whales too. Since the end of October, we’ve been treated to lots more sightings..and last week, guests aboard our boats saw whales on most of our tours. Most of the whales were loners, and most appeared to be sub-adults in the 25-35 foot long range, which isn’t unusual for this early in the season. And on both Saturday and Sunday, we saw single whales who were swimming slowly north just spouting and sounding (we sometimes call that a “blow and go”). We’ve dropped our hydrophones a few times (before it got really windy), and not surprisingly, we weren’t able to pick up any singing. Based on what we know about the singing, as the Humpback whale population density increases around the islands, and with the arrival of the bigger males, we should start hearing the whales singing very soon.
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Captain Claire’s Humpback Whale Fact of the Day: According to researchers, the first whales to arrive in Hawaii each year from Alaska are sub-adults (usually males) – the teenagers of the whale world. The next arrivals are adults who are looking for mates, and the last to arrive are pregnant females.