Late Season Sightings

I know on April 16th that I said “aloha” to¬†our spectacular 2012/2013 Humpback season, but I just had to share with you that on Sunday’s Dolphin Watch Encounter from Anaeho’omalu Bay, we saw Humpbacks! We hadn’t gone more than 5 minutes outside of Anaeho’omalu Bay before we saw a big splash. We knew right away that it had to have been from a Humpback…but we didn’t see the whale. So of course, we kept going west towards the splash, and slowed down when we thought we were in the vicinity. Who should pop up right in front of us, but Mom, baby and escort!
Baby was fairly big…and Mom and the escort were fairly small for adults. It was obvious to all of us aboard that the escort was actively pursuing Mom and she kept changing directions to avoid him. Baby was out in front…but we did get to see him do a quick dive under Mom (nursing maybe?). We were fortunate enough to watch this pod for about 30 minutes before they changed direction completely and we decided to move on to our snorkel spot.
Just thought you might be interested! April 21st, and we’re still seeing whales!!

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