Humpbacks Hawaiian Style

Our Wednesday Whale Watches began with Breakfast with the Whales from Anaeho’omalu Bay. On this cruise, guests saw a total of 6 different Humpbacks, in 3 different pods of 2. We saw a breach in the distance, and did have a close encounter when one of the whales decided to surface next to our boat. On the 10:00 Whale Watch from Kawaihae, we did see a spout and a breach in the distance, but that wasn’t good enough for us, so we invited all our guests to come back with us another time for FREE! On our Whales and Cocktails Cruise, we also saw a Humpback spouting and diving…but on our Champagne Sunset Cruise, guests were delighted to spend 45 minutes with a very curious Humpback who just kept approaching us, and surfacing on all sides of the boat. At one point we were¬†looking at a¬†whale off our port side, and a double rainbow off our starboard side! Lucky we live Hawaii!
Captain Claire’s Humpback Fact of the Day: When you see the spout from a whale, you’re actually looking at an interesting combination of things. Some of what you’re looking at is condensation from the whales’ lungs (the same thing you’re looking at when you see your own breath after exhaling in a cold environment); some is atomized ocean water (Humpbacks live in a wet world, and there’s always some of the ocean pooled on top of their blow holes when they surface); and…since Humpbacks don’t have cilia in their respiratory tracks (little hairs)…a lot of what you see (and occasionally feel) is actually mucus! Yuck!

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