Spouts and Splashes

On Monday, we ran two different Breakfast with the Whales Cruises. Guests aboard Seasmoke watched 6 different Humpbacks. All of them were in pods of two. At one point, these three pods joined up, and according to Captain Baker, it was fun watching them all play around each other. Guests aboard our Manu Iwa Breakfast with the Whales Cruise saw 7 different Humpbacks. Some of them were in the distance, so we concentrated on watching a very active juvenile who breached multiple times. The conditions were finally calm enough for us to drop our hydrophone…but when we did, we weren’t able to pick up any voices. On our Whales and Cocktails Cruise, we spent most of our time watching 2 Humpbacks. This pod was slowly cruising together down the coast, just surfacing for a couple of breaths before diving down and continuing their swim.
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Captain Claire’s Humpback Fact of the Day:  An average size adult Humpback has 2 oval shaped blowholes that measure about 9 inches in diameter (on the bigger part of the oval). The whales use them like you use your nostrils, exhaling through both before inhaling. If an average size human had nostril openings in the same proportion to his size as a whale’s blowholes are to the whale’s body size, each human nostril would measure about an inch and a quarter in diameter.

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