Mugged by a Baby

Our weekend started out, to quote Captain Will, as “CRAZY”. On Friday’s Breakfast with the Whales, we cruised out of the bay and just outside the Hilton we saw a Mom and calf surface about 150 yards from us so we shut down the motors and just drifted. We looked, and looked, and then all of a sudden they both popped up right next to the boat. They swam under us and around us for more than 40 minutes. Every once in awhile, the calf would stop looking at us to breach right next to us! A couple of kayakers paddled by, and the whales left us, and swam right under them (which must have been a pretty intense experience for those people in their little boats), only to return to us for some more viewing. After these whales got enough of us and headed off, we saw another pod of two adult whales tail slapping near Honoko’opae Bay. We also two breaches from some other adult Humpbacks about 800 yards from us.
On Sunday’s Breakfast with the Whales, we got to see a couple of different pods of whales, but the highlight of the trip was watching a full breach just 30 feet (not yards — FEET) off the boat. We also saw flukes and spouts from lots of other Humpbacks cruising the coastline.
Captain Claire’s Humpback Fact of the Day: Most Humpbacks are “right-handed”. Researchers looking at abrasions on Humpbacks’ jaws found more abrasions on the right jaw than on the left, and observed more “flippering” with the right flipper than with the left, suggesting a definite right-side preference among the Humpback population.

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