Whale vs. Shark

Wow, was it ever windy in Waikoloa on Thursday, so  windy that we were only able to run our Breakfast with the Whales Cruise from Anaeho’omalu Bay. Before the guests arrived, we did see a few splashes a couple miles off shore from the bay so we knew there were some breachers out there. Once we got everyone on board, Captain Shane decided to take the boat north. On the way up the coast, we saw several flukes from whales who had surfaced to breath and then dove down to calm water. We never did get to our breachers — and the spouts from all the diving whales we saw dissipated really quickly in the wind. But we know there are still plenty of whales around the island, and on Friday, we’ll go out looking again.
Mahalo, and have a great weekend,
Captain Claire’s Humpback Fact of the Day: Do you know the easiest way to distinguish whether that big creature swimming rapidly towards you is a whale or a shark? Watch the way it swims…whales propel themselves through the water by moving their tails up and down vertically. Sharks and other fish move their tails from side to side. Aristotle was the first person to document this difference around 350 B.C. – hopefully you’ll never need to use this information for anything other than winning a trivia contest

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