Singing Humpbacks

Aloha, Our last weekend of whale watching started out great. On Friday’s Breakfast with the Whales, we spent the whole cruise about a mile off shore of Buddha Point (at the Hilton Waikoloa Village). We had a singer very close by – so close that we could hear his song reverberating through the hulls of the boat without dropping the hydrophone. Of course we wanted to see what it would sound like when we did drop the microphone. It was here and you can hear it too. We also got to watch a couple of whales swim under us (visibility was excellent – we could see them 60 feet below us). Throughout the course of this cruise, we saw 4 different Humpbacks multiple times. The wind shut us out on Sunday, but we did see some splashing going on far out to sea while we were waiting on shore. We’ll be running Whale Watches thru Tuesday, so you still have time to join us this season! Mahalo, Claire
Captain Claire’s Humpback Fact of the Day:  Since 1991, Whale Watchers off the coast of Australia have been seeing an all-white Humpback. They named him “Migaloo”, which is the aboriginal word for “white fella”, and DNA samples taken from skin he sloughed off into the water after a breach confirmed that he is, in fact, a male. He was believed to be the only all white Humpback in the world until September 2011, when an all-white Humpback calf was spotted off of the Australian Coast. Whale watchers named him “Migaloo Jr.”, and researchers are trying to determine if this little calf is related to Migaloo Senior. Up until very recently, researchers assumed that Migaloo was a true albino whale, but now he’s considered to be “hypo-pigmented” since they aren’t totally sure he produces absolutely no pigment (his eyes may have color). And yes…Migaloo does have problems with the sun. Whale Watchers in Australia have noted the poor guy does get quite the sunburn. In November 2012, another white Humpback was spotted off the coast of Norway!

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