Two Spouting Humpbacks

Guests aboard our Thursday Wake up With the Whales saw two different Humpbacks. They were on pretty long dive cycles, just coming up to spout a few times before heading back under water. We stayed with these two for the whole cruise and spent their underwater time talking about what we know about Humpbacks and waiting for them to resurface. Seeing those spouts makes all the anticipation worth the wait!Humpback Spout

Captain Claire’s Humpback Fact of the Day:When a Humpback spouts, he’s exhaling in a half of a second, 90% of the volume of air in his lungs. It’s enough air in one blow to fill up the interior of a stretch limousine. In case you’re curious, when an average size human adult exhales, he takes 3 times as long to exhale just 15% of the volume of air in his lungs — and an adult human exhalation wouldn’t even fill up a Smart Car — it’s only enough air to fill up a lunch bag.

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