Just How Big are Humpbacks?


Monday’s Wake Up with the Whales was a lot of fun. We saw 9 different Humpbacks and they were active on the surface. Not only did we get to see pectoral slaps and peduncle throws, but 4 breaches too. Lots of splashing for an early morning cruise! On our 10:00 Cruise, we spent most of our time with a surfacing/diving pair of Humpbacks. They were on 20 minute dives, and not moving much while underwater since they surfaced fairly close to where they dived. It always makes us wonder exactly what they’re doing down there. We kept the boat stationary, and near the end of the cruise, they both surfaced and crossed our bow just 30 feet away. We also saw several other whales in the distance.
Captain Claire’s Humpback Fact of the Day: We know Humpbacks are big animals, but it’s not until we have a CLOSE ENCOUNTER that we really appreciate how big they are. But Humpbacks are only the 5th largest of the great whales — Blue whales, Finbacks, Grays, and Right Whales (including Bowheads) are all longer (on average)– and if you want to count the toothed whales in the list, male Sperm Whales are longer too.

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