Welcome to the first Baby of 2015 (that we’ve seen)


We took a step back from watching whales on Tuesday to take in the view. Clear blue skies, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa capped with snow, and calm seas. But of course, the presence of the whales just added to the beauty. On our 10:00 Whale Watch, we saw 6 different adult humpbacks. They all spent a good amount of time underwater, but we did get good views of their blows, dorsal fins and tail flukes. One whale surfaced about 100 yards from our idling boat, and we got a great view of his head and blow holes too. We also went out in the afternoon on a private Whale Watch. Guests aboard Seasmoke got to see a Mom/Baby/Escort pod just off of Hapuna. We haven’t seen many calves yet this year, so were especially excited to see this little guy.
Captain Claire’s Humpback Fact of the Day: We frequently see Mom and Baby whale accompanied by a third whale. We used to think this was a female helping mom take care of her baby, but now that we can identify gender more easily, we know it isn’t – It’s a male. Though a new mom rarely gets pregnant perhaps due to infrequent ovulation, researchers believe that perhaps the male whale is “hoping to make a good impression” so when she is receptive, he may be the first to mate with her.

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