Humpbacks Swim Circles Around Us

Aloha, Tuesday brought our whale watchers some great sightings! As we were leaving the harbor at 10:00, a whale surfaced about 20 feet from our bow! This whale spouted once, checked us out, and then went on his or her way. We saw a few breaches in the distance, and all in all, about 20 whales. We deployed the hydrophone on this trip, and just like yesterday, we heard some great singing. Everyone on the boat was pretty happy, and we were heading in when we encountered a pod of 5 whales who decided to swim circles around the boat! Lots of close encounters from these whales…lots of spouting…lots of excitement. It was a great end to a great charter! In the afternoon, we once again encountered whales right out of the harbor, but since we saw breaching a little bit further out, we went out to investigate. Turns out this was a pod of 5 pretty active whales. They stayed with us for about 20 minutes on the surface…and since the water was crystal clear, we could really see some great details. We saw 10 whales on this trip all together.
Captain Claire’s Humpback Whale Fact of the Day: When we say we heard LOUD singing yesterday, just how loud do we mean? Well, Humpback Whales have been recorded producing sounds at around 185 decibels. Because the decibel scales use different references for sounds underwater than thru the air, that’s the equivalent of about 123 decibels for us on the surface…which is as loud as the amplified music at a rock concert when you’re standing directly in front of a tower of speakers.