Migaloo, the Modern Day Great White Whale

Aloha – We ran two Whale Watches on Wednesday and didn’t though we travelled the coastline, we didn’t see any Humpbacks. Our trips are Guaranteed though, so all our guests have been invited to try again with us for free! Since we didn’t see any Humpbacks along our coastline, I’ll tell you a little about a very interesting Humpback that lives in the South Pacific.
Humpback Whale Fact of the Day: Since 1991, Whale Watchers off the coast of Australia have been seeing an all-white Humpback. They named him “Migaloo”, which is the aboriginal word for “white fella”, and DNA samples taken from skin he sloughed off into the water after a breach confirmed that he is, in fact, a male.He was believed to be the only all white Humpback in the world until September 2011, when an all white Humpback calf was spotted off of the Australian Coast. Whale watchers named him “Migaloo Jr”, and researchers are trying to determine if this little calf is related to Migaloo Senior. Up until very recently, researchers assumed that Migaloo was a true albino whale, but now he’s considered to be “hypo-pigmented” since they aren’t totally sure he produces absolutely no pigment (his eyes may have color). And yes…Migaloo does have problems with the sun. Whale Watchers in Australia have noted the poor guy does get quite the sunburn.
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Captain Claire