Triple Breach among “Right Handed” Humpbacks

Our Whale Watching Week began with an interesting 8:00 Breakfast with the Whales cruise. We saw 3 Humpbacks and 2 breaches, but we actually got to hear the a Humpback song reverberating through the hulls of the boat! We never saw the singer, but he must have been within just a couple hundred yards of us for the song to be heard without our hydrophone. On the 10:00 Whale Watch, we saw 6 whales, but we got to see 2 triple breaches from a Cow/Calf/Escort pod about 200 yards away from us, preceded by a couple of breaches from just the calf. We also saw 15 tail lobs (10 from the baby) 4 pectoral slaps and 3 peduncle throws. But we can’t emphasize enough how cool those 2 triple breaches were, and how lucky we were to see them! When we deployed the hydrophone, the sounds we heard were pretty faint. Since our 10:00 Whale Watch departs from Kawaihae, and the 8:00 departs from Anaeho’omalu, it’s interesting to note the difference in sound clarity between the two locations.On our 3:00 Whales and Cocktails cruise, we saw 5 whales, but we got involved with a competitive pod of 3 off of Puako. We spotted them from fairly far away, and as we made our way North, they decided to come our way and at one point, one of them surfaced about 50 feet from the boat. We also saw some pec slapping from this group and some good tail shots.
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Humpback Whale Fact of the Day: Most Humpbacks are “right-handed”. Researchers looking at abrasions on Humpbacks’ jaws found more abrasions on the right jaw than on the left, and observed more “flippering” with the right flipper than with the left, suggesting a definite right-side preference among the Humpback population.
Captain Claire