Humpbacks watch us, Spinner Dolphins and lots of breaching!

I hope you had as good a weekend as we did with our Humpback friends! Beginning with Friday, our 8:00 Breakfast with the Whales cruise reports seeing 20 different whales, but our naturalist Adam had to tell me how amazed everyone was with the mugging they experienced! When ever a whale chooses to swim under one of our boats and watch us, none of us can believe our luck — and that’s exactly what happened during this cruise. There were some great photos taken, and some great memories made…guests also got to see a competitive pod and a few breaches. On our 10:00 Whale Watch, despite the somewhat blustery conditions, our naturalist Jonathan reports seeing 15 whales, 3 breaches, a competitive pod of 4 whales, 4 head lunges, 3 full-on body lunges, and, to top it all off…Spinner Dolphins! On Saturday, our 3:00 Whales and Cocktails cruise reports seeing just 5 whales, but they did witness a breach and some beautiful fluke sitings from sounding dives. On Sunday, our 8:00 Breakfast with the Whales cruise reports seeing 10 whales, though they spent most of their time watching a Mom and her calf who chose to swim along side the boat for a lot of the cruise. They also saw 4 breaches. And the weekend ended with guests aboard our 3:00 Whales and Cocktails cruise seeing what Captain Baker can only describe as a “great show”! Sometimes there are so many whales around, and they’re displaying so much activity that we just can’t keep count of everything we see.
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Humpback Whale Fact of the Day: Do you know the easiest way to distinguish whether that big creature swimming rapidly towards you is a whale or a shark? Watch the way it swims…whales propel themselves through the water by moving their tails up and down vertically. Sharks and other fish move their tails from side to side. Aristotle was the first person to document this difference around 350 B.C. Hopefully you’ll never need to use this information for anything other than winning a trivia contest!
Mahalo and Aloha,
Captain Claire