Whales watching us in the Wind


Tuesday brought us some more windy conditions, but also some nice whale sightings. On our 8:00 Breakfast with the Whales, our naturalist Meagan reports seeing 4 whales, and a couple of peduncle throws. We watched two pretty small whales travelling together for quite awhile on that trip. On our 10:00 Whale Watch, we again fought the wind and only saw one whale. Since Ocean Sports guarantees whale watching (not just “spottings”) on our morning whale watches, Captain Shane called the trip “a fluke” and invited everyone aboard to join us again on another whale watch for FREE. On our 3:00 Whales & Cocktails cruise, we saw 4 different Humpbacks, but we spent an hour and 20 minutes accompanied by a lone whale. The whale was travelling North for the first hour, paralleling our boat until s/he decided to surface,and make a u-turn, swimming directly under us. We all thought that this was the last we’d see of this whale, but s/he decided to do it again, mugging us once more before continuing the journey North.


Join Ocean Sports for a Guaranteed Whale Watch. See Humpbacks on our morning Whale Watch Cruises, or you can ride again with us another whale watch for FREE! Call us at 886-6666 ext. 103 or visit www.hawaiioceansports.com to reserve your adventure today.


Humpback Whale Fact of the Day:  In 1985, a Humpback whale nicknamed “Humphrey” swam into San Francisco Bay and then up the Sacramento River towards Rio Vista, Ca. After a couple of weeks in fresh water, Humphrey started showing signs of physical stress, turning grey and listless. Researchers and scientists were at a loss on how to help him back to the Pacific Ocean, until an acoustician offered the recordings he had made of humpback whales feeding as a way to lure Humphrey down the river to the ocean. It worked — Humphrey followed a ship broadcasting the sounds down the river and as soon as he encountered salt water perked up and began doing longer deeper dives. On November 4th, 1985, at 4:36 pm, he swam past the Golden Gate Bridge and headed south. Humphrey showed up again in 1990…and I’ll tell you how researchers managed to redirect him again tomorrow.



Captain Claire