More Humpback Babies

What a fun day we had on the water on Monday! Our 8:00 Whales & Cocktails cruise reports seeing 20 different whales. Guests watched a competitive pod of 6 whales (most probably 5 males and one female) chasing each other down the coast. They saw too many pec slaps, tail lobs and lunges to even count. Angelica, our naturalist aboard that trip also reports a close encounter with two whales who came right up to our boat to check us out! On the 3:00 Whales and Cocktails, our guests also had a close encounter with 2 whales who swam about 75 yards from the boat. And they got to see a couple of breaches, some tail lobs and some peduncle throws but their favorite sighting was of a Mom and her very, very young baby. Like all baby animals, whale calves are really pretty active and very cute — our baby made a few attempts at breaching,
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Humpback Whale Fact of the Day:  Humpback whales can’t cry — they don’t have tear ducts (they don’t need them — their eyes are always bathed in salt water) but they do have glands on their outer corneas which secrete an oily substance that helps to protect their eyes from debris in the ocean.
Captain Claire

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