A “People Watch” for the Humpbacks

It was another very windy day out on the ocean yesterday, so I only have information to report from one whale watch…but it was quite the trip! On our 10:00 Whale Watch from Kawaihae, guests enjoyed the gusty conditions seeing 11 Humpbacks. We saw 3 different Cow/Calf/Escort pods, and one Cow/Calf pod who decided it might be fun to take a look at us too. Mom allowed her baby to swim right underneath our stern (which is pretty unusual…most times she’ll put herself between her baby and anything bigger). The water was so clear, and they were so close to the surface that we actually got a great look at baby’s tubercles (the sensory nodules on his head). While this was going on, the sounds of  cameras taking sequential photos almost blotted out the sounds of all of us on board oohing and aahing! We also saw 3 body lunges, 4 head lunges, 2 tail lobs, and off on the horizon, 3 breaches. We did attempt to deploy the hydrophone, but in those windy conditions, all we could pick up was faint singing.
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Humpback Whale Fact of the Day:  The intestines of a fully grown Humpback whale are about 200 feet long (approximately 5 times the length of her body).
Have a great weekend — I’ll send the next report out on Monday.
Captain Claire

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