Spouts, Tails Slaps and Flukes to Celebrate Christmas

We hope you all enjoyed your Kalikimaka Celebrations..we celebrated with the Humpbacks! Highlights included sightings of 5 different Humpbacks on our Breakfast with the Whales Cruise. We found all these whales about 1/2 mile off shore– and we didn’t have to travel far, as all of them were between the Mauna Lani area and Anaeho’omalu Bay. We loved watching a juvenile Humpback as he (or she – we couldn’t be sure) breached 3 times about 200 yards from the boat. We also saw some fluke slapping from this whale! On the 10:00 Whale Watch, guests saw 3 whales off shore of Anaeho’omalu Bay spouting and diving. And the action didn’t stop, because on our Whales & Cocktails Cruise we saw some spouting and fluking too,
Celebrate the new year with Hawaii’s Best Whale Watch Tours at Ocean Sports. Call us at (808)886-6666 ext. 103 or visit HawaiiOceanSports.com to reserve your adventure.
Captain Claire’s Humpback Whale Fact of the Day: A fully grown Humpback Whale can hold his or her breath for around 45 minutes. Usually, that’s not what we observe in Hawaii though. We’re more likely to witness 10-20 minute breath hold dives, and if the whale is really active, s/he surfaces to breathe a lot more frequently

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