Humpback Calf Checks Us Out

Highlights from Tuesday’s Whale Watch Cruises include sightings of two different Mom/Baby pods on our 10:00 Cruise. Neither of these pods were accompanied by an escort (or if one was around, he didn’t surface). The weather was calm enough that Captain Will could turn off the engines, so once we spotted the Mom/Baby¬†pods, we were able to just drift. Apparently, our lack of movement was not threatening to the whales, because one of the calves came right over to us to inspect the boat. Mom was about 35 feet long (so she was a young mother), and her calf was really little with a very bent dorsal fin (indicating a recent birth). We also got to see a breach from a big adult about 800 yards from us, and as we cruised back to the harbor, we¬†watched a couple of other adult Humpbacks cruising calmly along in our direction.
Captain Claire’s Humpback Fact of the Day:The first whales to leave Hawaii each year are mature females (who are either newly pregnant, or taking a year off), followed by sub adult whales, and then, mature males. The last to leave are new mothers with their calves.

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