Competitive Pod Forms Before our Very Eyes

On our Wednesday 10:00 Whale Watch, we saw 8 different whales. As we exited the harbor, we turned south and just cruised the coastline watching multiple spouts, dorsal fins and flukes as these whales surfaced and dived. Just before the trip ended, we saw what everyone hopes to see on a whale watch — a full breach. And then another full breach…and then a third full breach! On our Whales and Cocktails Cruise, we found a Mom/Baby/Escort pod just outside of the bay. We paralleled them, staying with them for almost the entire cruise. We actually got to watch a competitive pod form, as other males in the area located Mom. By the end of the cruise she had 4 males chasing after her and battling among each other for that prime escort position.
Captain Claire’s Humpback Fact of the Day: According to the experts at NOAA, in 1966 when commercial whaling was finally banned, the Humpback population in the North Pacific was estimated to be fewer than 1400 individuals.

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