Spinners, Spotted, and Video too!

The first week of September brought us a mixed bag of dolphin encounters. The strong trade winds caused a couple of our trips to be cancelled (we don’t want to disappoint our guests) but when we did get to go on the Dolphin Watch Adventure, we had some INCREDIBLE encounters! Yesterday, we took advantage of the great ocean conditions and the dolphins’ natural curiosity about our boat, and spent over an hour cruising North from the harbor with a pod. We got to see the usual lazy morning aerial displays, and enjoyed watching the dolphins watching us! If you’ve never seen dolphins from the vantage point of the boat, take a look at this short video shot by our own Reservations Department Manager, Judy B. and you’ll quickly understand how special the Dolphin Watch Adventure really is!
Join us on our next scheduled Dolphin Watch Adventure, departing from Kawaihae Harbor at 8:00 am on Sunday 9/9! Call 886-6666 ext. 103 or visit hawaiioceansports.com for more information and reservations.
Captain Claire
Dolphin Fact of the Day: Spinner Dolphins (Stenlla longirostrus) are often seen travelling with another species of dolphin, commonly called Spotted Dolphins (Stenella attenuata). The two species of dolphins have been observed to act aggressively towards each other, but they’ve also been observed mating (though researchers haven’t been able to determine whether the interspecies copulation is actually an example of unwanted/unsolicited dominance behavior).