Humpback Whale Season Begins December 1st, but don’t tell those early-to-get-here whales!

As our Dolphin Watch season comes to a close, it’s time for us to welcome the Spinner’s bigger cousins…the HUMPBACK WHALES! Our first sighting this season happened on October 20th, off of the Mauna Lani Resort area. Our captain and crew were moving Alala down to Anaeho’omalu Bay for a charter, and the guests weren’t aboard yet, when Meggan spotted a spout. Of course, the other crew aboard didn’t believe her (no one ever believes a sighting till they see it with their own eyes), but when the whale breached – more than once- it was confirmed!

Since October, our guests have spotted whales 7 more times (some of these whales appeared to be pretty small – probably yearlings), and our logistics team, and our team at the Hilton Waikoloa Village have spotted Humpbacks from the shore 6 times!

This is certainly the greatest number of early season sightings we’ve had during the 31 years we’ve been in business!

Keep checking the blog for updates. During the Whale Season (12/1-April15), I’ll be listing our observations on the weekdays (with a weekend recap on Monday) – and just like last year, I’ll even include a Humpback Fact of the Day!

Feel free to add your comments and questions – I promise to respond to all of them (except for spam of course).


Captain Claire