First Whale Sighting of the 2013/2014 Season

Aloha, and welcome back to the blog!.

All of us here at Ocean Sports are very excited for the whale season to begin here. The experts from NOAA estimate as many as 14.000 Humpbacks will be visiting the waters off of Hawaii this season, so we’re anticipating some great opportunities to view the whales doing the kinds of things they do during mating and calving season.

This year, our first siting from the boats happened around 5:00 pm, on October 27th on Alala. We were cruising up the Kohala coastline surrounded by a super pod of Spinner Dolphins (it’s always difficult to estimate how many we are seeing, but the pod probably numbered between 100 and 250 animals). As if that weren’t exciting enough, all of a sudden, a lone humpback surfaced in the middle of the pod and spouted! We were too astounded to grab our cameras, but we did get to see a nice fluke shot as the whale dove below the dolphins.

Feel free to bookmark this page. On December 2nd, we’ll bring back our weekday reports from our Whale Watch Cruises, so you can keep up to date with what’s happening on the coastline…and we’ll also include a Humpback Fact of the Day!

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