Resting Pod

Summer has been really good for Dolphin watching so far — we’re kind of sorry it’s already the end of July. On today’s Dolphin Watch Adventure from Kawaihae, our guests were excited to see a pod of probably 200 Spinner dolphins! Captain Pat and his crew of Mike and Sean found the pod about a mile north of the harbor in just 50′ feet of water! According to our Dolphin Naturalist Mike, the pod was pretty spread out, and just swimming along quietly. We didn’t want to disturb them, so we motored parallel to them and let them come to us. We saw a few spins, and a few jumps…but mostly watched them as they rested in the early morning hours.
Join us on our next Dolphin Watch Adventure scheduled to depart from Kawaihae on Thursday 8/2 at 8:00 am! Please feel free to call us for more information and reservations. FYI, every Dolphin Watch Adventure includes continental breakfast, our Kau Kau snack buffet, soft drinks and open bar. Besides some great dolphin viewing, we also get to snorkel in a secluded cove off the coast!
Dolphin Fact of the Day: Spinner dolphins come to shallow water during the daylight hours to rest. Researchers have observed that the dolphins seem to prefer resting in areas with sandy bottoms (as opposed to reef), theorizing that it’s easier for the resting animals to detect the approach of their predators when they’re over areas with less environmental clutter.
Captain Claire